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Nobody is tougher on their gear than the military. Special Operators require not only zero fail but the ability to configure equipment and weapons cases to facilitate split-second access. Savvy travelers quickly discovered the modular nature of MOLLE attachment systems and velcro dividers gave them the convenience to check everything in or elect to carry-on as they desired or airline requirements dictated.

Drawing on my previous military experience and an interest in product design that was honed by a subsequent dozen years in the fashion houses of Milan and New York, I have been developing kit and gear currently utilized by members of the FBI HRT, Marine Force Recon, the DEA, Air Marshalls and various special operations units worldwide.

However, for obvious reasons, I soon began receiving requests for products that afforded a lower profile, that didn't scream "tactical" without losing any of their tough qualities and ease of use. Additionally, in this intensely interconnected world, there was increasing demand for easy access to personal electronic communication devices while keeping them secure.

Alpha One-Niner was my call sign as commander of a recon unit. It reflects my commitment that no matter how sleek, discreet, fashionable or nerd-friendly this line of bags appears, it remains true to its roots.

Helmie Ashiblie (2014)