At Alpha One Niner, our journey is as distinctive as our products. Founded by Helmie “HELM” Ashiblie, a seasoned veteran of shooting sports, military life, fashion industry and product design & development, Alpha One Niner (AON) stands at the crossroads of practical experience and creative innovation.

Our inception was marked by the launch of the "Recon One" tablet caddy, a groundbreaking product designed for the modern traveler, allowing easy access to devices and essentials during flights. This first creation set the stage for our brand's evolution, which has been deeply influenced by Helm's extensive global travels and his leadership in SERT (www.sert.us) – a company dedicated to equipping law enforcement and special operations teams with top-tier gear​​.

Our range expanded rapidly, encompassing pouches, backpacks, dopp kits, and organizers, all crafted with the utmost precision and quality control standards in our Saigon, Vietnam production facility, the Studio. Our commitment to excellence is rooted in Helm's unique background, blending his experiences in the military, fashion industry (Milan - New York), and competitive shooting sports. This blend of influences is evident in every product we design, ensuring they're not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing​​​​​​.

The name Alpha One Niner, Helmie's call sign from his time leading a reconnaissance platoon in the Singaporean Army, encapsulates our ethos. It's a tribute to our commitment to creating products that don't just meet expectations but exceed them – a determination "not to suck," as Helm puts it​​.

Our first flagship product, the "Recon Nine Evade," epitomizes our approach to design and customer engagement. Developed through crowdsourcing, it embodies our dedication to transparency and customer feedback. This approach has led to continuous improvements, as seen in our Evade 1.5 and Evade 2.0 packs, which have been refined based on user input and rigorous testing​​​​.

The award winning Evade series, with its modularity and discreet design, caters to a wide range of users, from special operations to daily commuters. The Pathfinder and Whitley packs, more recent addition, continues this trend, offering a stylish yet robust option for urban settings​​​​​​.

Alpha One Niner is more than a brand; it's a personal journey for Helmie, a testament to his passion for creating gear that withstands the most demanding environments. Whether you're operating in challenging terrains or navigating the urban jungle, Alpha One Niner offers gear that's not just reliable but a statement of excellence.